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Technology Finance Practice Analysis

Many organizations find it difficult to properly account for and/or equitably allocate technology expenditures. Accurately charging users for technology resources and services is fundamental to overall technology cost control. ISG applies its expertise and "best practices" to help clients design, develop and implement an entire framework for managing technology expenditures. ISG's IT Finance Consulting Services help clients better understand, manage and ultimately reduce total technology costs.

ISG can:

Develop effective technology cost management and allocation practices
Identify products, services and rates for use in the chargeback process
Manage data sources required for the chargeback & allocation process (e.g. vendor billing, call detail records, inventory records, etc.)
Provide outsourced IT controllership functions (e.g. budgeting, reporting, technology acquisition assistance, contract negotiations and financial analysis)
Assist with developing and measuring vendor performance against contract compliance metrics and service levels

Optimization Savings Analysis Program
ISG can provide optimization savings analysis recommendations that will result in ongoing cost reductions. ISG has a team of analysts dedicated to researching and identifying savings opportunities and helping clients realize savings in a timely manner. ISG may identify savings opportunities utilizing standard tariff offerings as the basis for a recommendation. ISG's efforts will require recommended changes that do not require physical changes to existing facilities, but are instead used to implement discounts or more efficient billing arrangements already available to clients resulting in reducing monthly recurring charges. If ISG is engaged to identify optimization savings initiatives, ISG will conduct a physical inspection of client sites so savings can be achieved through optimization of services/facilities in billing. This will allow ISG to identify circuits/lines that are not being utilized or are not cross-connected to equipment that obviously is not used. Removal of these circuits/lines creates immediate monthly savings in the future, as no historical recovery is possible. Most important, ISG will only seek to enhance savings under vendor offerings already used by clients and will obtain client's approval before implementing any optimization recommendations. 

Cost Avoidance Identification Program
To monitor and control costs on a go forward basis, ISG will outline for client's specific billing items and variances that warrant review and/or validation. ISG will identify billed items that despite being in compliance with appropriate tariffs are potentially fraudulent or abusive. These may include: 900/976 information type calls, third party billing, and incorrect pre-subscribed Interexchange carrier (PIC) codes. ISG will identify LEC billed Long Distance, Thrifty bills, Dial One usage, etc. ISG will provide a report to client identifying these exceptions. The Third Party Itemization (TIP) report will identify all third party carrier and long distance charges appearing on local carrier accounts. When indicated on the invoice, ISG further itemizes this on the TIP report. ISG will then implement identified cost avoidance measures (i.e. blocking factors on LEC bills preventing third party billing) to have these occurrences eliminated from billing going forward.

Contract and Commitment Management

Service Points:

  • Streamlines and simplifies management of multiple service contracts
  • Flexible - any type of service contracts
  • Identify high volume contracts
  • Involve right people at the right time
  • Manage term dates: renewal, termination and renegotiations
  • Ensure obligations are followed
  • ISG offers comprehensive strategy review and negotiation for all your IT and Telecommunication contracts
  • ISG is experienced in contract enforceability and interpretation of IT contracts. We are committed to understanding your business and technical direction so that we can assist with your company's technical, cost and performance requirements.
  • Monitor commitment levels and thresholds

Rate Analysis and Benchmarking
Rate Analysis and Benchmarking

Service Points:

  • Evaluate expense patterns and cost saving opportunities
  • Access to all tariff resources
  • Audit and recovery of expenses of underused services
  • Rate negotiation support
  • Provides accurate, detailed data to manage your business
  • Benchmarking information offers consistency, accuracy and integrity
  • ISG understands the importance of telecommunications and IT benchmarking. We conduct a comprehensive rate analysis and provide benchmarking tools, focused on your unique price and service requirements so that you are able to achieve desired goals.

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