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 ISG BillingIT Service Solutions

BillingIT Allocation and Chargeback Service

ISG's BillingIT Chargeback & Allocation Service is a comprehensive information delivery solution that presents an array of telecommunications and information technology service details and their related expense.  

The BillingIT Chargeback Service effectively gives clients enhanced management and control of their technology costs across all services and facilities to deliver a totally integrated billing and chargeback method for clients. ISG clients can monitor and control usage related and infrastructure costs, allowing them to render accurate financial reporting and distributing information for chargeback purposes. ISG seamlessly collects and presents allocated usage sensitive services such as: PBX/Centrex/VOIP call detail, IP and RAS usage and other infrastructure expenses allocated across the enterprise such private lines, cellular services, pager services, equipment, calling card services, service order activity, etc. ISG provides easy information distribution using the powerful BillingIT Browser, considered the most user friendly, intuitive and consolidated format for cost accounting, management/exception reporting, trending, budgeting, and analysis.

ISG's BillingIT Browser is a web based information delivery application that presents "at-a-glance" reporting, using any combination of usage services and fixed infrastructure facilities, helping ISG's clients to realize control and affect the financial impact associated with supporting their telecommunications and information technology requirements. The BillingIT Browser is recognized by industry journals as the most comprehensive, intuitive and user-friendly application. This powerful decision support tool displays information at all organizational levels throughout the corporate hierarchy. The flexible platform provides a solution suitable to each unique ISG client environment, IT strategy, complex allocations and pricing methodologies across all telecommunications and IT service offerings.

Fully automated and well managed, the BillingIT Chargeback & Allocations Service provides increased efficiency, accountability, and transparency while ensuring an accurate inventory and access to information that can finally reduce costs.

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