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 ISG BillingIT Service Solutions

Invoice Processing & Validation Services

BillingIT IPV Service is a successful proactive approach to managing and controlling telecommunications and IT expenditures. ISG effectively manages complex invoice billing structures from multiple vendors and delivers the data to clients in a single, consolidated BillingIT Browser presentation. ISG redirects the vendor invoices to its facility and converts them to an electronic format, preferably EDI (electronic data interexchange). Upon receipt, ISG audits invoices according to rates, tariffs, taxes and special contracts as well as validates the client's specific exception criteria (i.e. variance analysis, detecting unauthorized billing, abuse/misuse monitoring). Once an invoice is validated and approved for payment, ISG applies client provided allocations and itemizes the charges in accordance with the client's established financial controls. Invoices can then be paid directly by ISG, or forwarded electronically to the client's accounts payable system for remittance and posting to the general ledger.

ISG manages and presents its client data in a user-friendly BillingIT Browser platform supporting web based information delivery, reporting and analysis. The IPV service eliminates client involvement with data collection, number crunching and information distribution. ISG's service offering, along with valuable BillingIT Browser management, exception and financial reporting via the Internet facilitates operational efficiencies. ISG's clients become better positioned to pursue more critical initiatives.  

ISG's IPV Service benefits allows clients to:

•  Focus on more strategic issues and utilize their core competencies

•  Eliminate manual paper handling with propensity for data entry error

•  Resolve problems associated with managing invoices

•  Apply screening parameters and detailed exception management capabilities  

•  Greatly improve the allocation of invoice charges

•  Deliver valuable management reporting utilizing electronic data mining

•  Reconcile payment to posting

•  Better control and measure telecommunications expenses

•  Provide real time, Internet access information for:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Accrual Process
  • Strategic Management Decisions

•  Recover revenue for past over billings and achieve ongoing savings

•  Ensure ongoing bill accuracy and vendor contract compliance

•  Reduce operational costs

•  Deliver superior client support executed by experienced professionals

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