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 Case Study: Large Technology Firm
  Mastering the Moving Target

This client resides in over 3,000 domestic locations, and aside from a few corporate contracts, its billing was not centrally managed. The corporate telecommunications staff admittedly had no control over ordering or billing verification for nearly 6,800 individual invoices and $6,500,000 in monthly expense. Consequently, it was difficult for the organization to manage its inventory in the field or maintain proper fiscal control of those locally based facilities. The field site management staff responsible for reviewing telecommunications billing often did not have adequate expertise to do so. However, given the corporate culture, many of these individuals did not wish to change the current invoice process. They perceived that they would lose control over telecommunications billing by not approving their monthly invoices.

In addition, the finance group had been unable to quantify what it recognized as a staggering past due balance, created in large part by this decentralized invoice approval process.

ISG’s IPV involvement was the answer to many of the client’s problems. First, ISG was able to create a database of all telecommunications accounts that could be shared with field facilities. Thus, ISG was able to provide information that could be updated and maintained. Next, ISG redirected and consolidated billing, reducing the invoice count to less than 4,000 per month. The client’s accounts payable group was able to determine file formats to be used for payment information transmittal, allowing ISG to automate the invoice remittance process and track vendor payments. Consequently, both the client and ISG could view invoice history via ISG’s IPV database. As part of the database set up, ISG itemized past due balances and quantified the amount at almost $3,000,000. Using this information to research and reconcile these past due balances, ISG was able to reduce the number to $500,000 and eliminated them entirely by the end of the next fiscal quarter. Through invoice consolidation and redirection, ISG was able to shorten the review and process cycle, resulting in cost avoidance of over $450,000 annually in late payment fees. Finally, through monthly management, and financial and exception reporting, field site management staff was better able to understand their telecommunications costs and the impact on the bottom line.
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