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Telecommunications Billing Verification Audit Services

Most large organizations have many telecommunications vendors. Competing service vendors tend to differentiate their products with strategic pricing, usage sensitive discounts and unique billing procedures. As demands for such services increase and networks grow, managing the associated financials becomes exceedingly difficult. Savings erode, waste increases and budgets become strained.

ISG's Telecommunications Billing Verification Audit Service is designed to improve the accuracy of telecommunication invoices by identifying and eliminating errors in tariff applications, physical inventories, rates, taxes and surcharges. ISG clients finally get fair value for their telecommunications dollar.

ISG's Telecommunications Billing Verification Audit Services:

•  Ensure billing accuracy

•  Reduce costs by eliminating errors

•  Recover revenue from past overcharges

ISG reviews all telecommunications and IT vendor invoice charges to determine if incorrect billing and/or overcharges exist, with respect to the application of rates, tariff guidelines, country specific government regulations, special contracts with vendors, government taxes and regulatory surcharges.   ISG will identify vendor errors, quantify overcharges and submit claims for recovery to vendors and tax authorities within each respective country pertaining to each suspected billing anomaly.   ISG will provide all documentation as needed, and resolve all refund recoveries on behalf of a client for prior overpayments.   ISG's audits typically focus on all billing service categories across all service providers.

Consistent with ISG's Audit Methodology, all ISG audits will include:

Review of all invoiced items to ensure compliance with government tariffs and/or regulations along with applicable contracts
Analysis of all current monthly invoice charges rendered by vendors for discrepancies
Historical review of billed recurring and non-recurring charges rendered by vendors
Physical Inventory as required of sites to verify the existence of facilities and services billed on an invoice, such as ancillary equipment, private lines, special circuits, etc.

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