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  ITOrder integrates with ISG’s entire web-based BillingIT Browser Software suite of services, including Call Usage Detail and Technology Chargebacks, Invoice Validation and Payment, Inventory Management, and Vendor Contract Administration.

ISG's powerful BillingIT platform provides visibility and control of an
organizations entire telecommunications expense management process.  Users can view all service-related information quickly from a single BillingIT browser access point.Companies can view vendor orders and related billing, inventory, contracts, issues, billing errors and audit claims all from one BillingIT web page.

ITOrder is capable of integrating multiple service and equipment orders simultaneously on the same order form.  This can be particularly important when purchasing wireless services and related devices and accessories. 

Finally, the workflow approval process is fully automated.  Service requests are routed electronically to authorized personnel for approval. Once approved, the completed request can be forwarded to the appropriate vendor.  Order status is monitored and updated on an up-to-the-minute basis, including alerts for approaching due dates.  By capturing comprehensive information and supporting documentation during the purchasing process, ITOrder  protects a company’s bottom line by allowing for reconciliation between orders and vendor invoices, and validating change activity. 

Total Integration.
Integrated effective management visibility across the globe.
Leverage existing information infrastructure.
ITOrder will interface with systems and processes you have in place today.
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