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  ITOrder is ideal for the largest global corporations that require technology standardization across locations, departments and divisions.

Easily scaleable, with it's multi-currency capabilities, ITOrder can satisfy the requirements of even the most geographically diverse organizations. Global companies have the dual benefits of allowing decentralization of purchasing to even the most remote branch offices, while protecting themselves against operational risks, non-standard technology purchases, and unapproved vendors.  This is accomplished through the inclusion of built-in controls that ensure compliance with corporate rules and purchasing standards, e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley business and financial controls.  A comprehensive system audit tracking capability will satisfy even the most control-oriented organizations.

Added benefits for management include a greater ability to analyze enterprise-wide purchasing trends, assess vendor reliability and responsiveness, and plan for future technology needs.  Spare or under-utilized equipment and services can be routed to other areas of the organization. 



Enterprise Reporting.
Comprehensive reporting of global technology procurement and consumption.
Getting IT Together.
Bringing your oganization together under a standard delivery platform.
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