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  The Complete Guide to
Local & Long Distance Telephone Company Billing

Authors: Michael Brosnan and John Messina

Documents how billing errors occur and customers routinely pay for such billing errors. This book shows you how to review your bills, compare them with your tariffs and contracts to ensure charges are accurate, correct errors and ascertain refunds for past overcharges.

  The Telecom Professional's
Complete Guide to the Internet

Authors: Michael Brosnan and John Messina

Teaches how to navigate the Web faster to find the top sites for buying equipment, locate the best long distance rates, secure a network and find reliable service providers for new technologies.


Telecommunications Expense Management
Authors: Michael Brosnan and John Messina & Ellen Block

Addresses several key topics including:

Bill Auditing
Discusses how to bring telecommunications and information technology expenses under control. Heightens awareness of anomalies that exist in telecommunications invoicing to ensure that services are cost effective and efficiently utilized.

Reduce Expenses
Provides various proactive approaches to help control information technology billing expenses. Offers alternatives to effectively manage complex telecommunications billing structures from multiple vendors.

Negotiate Favorable Contracts
Includes information about the changing competitive telecommunications landscape. Improves the ability to manage and control telecommunications expenses through favorable pricing.

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