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 Case Study: Large Retailer
  Service, Satisfaction, and Value

When ISG arrived on the scene, this client was entering allocations manually for over 5,000 monthly invoices for its corporate and field sites. Annual expenditures totaled $10 million. Its small telecommunications staff was supporting end users at over 5,000 store locations. In addition to personnel constraints, there were two pressing problems requiring resolution. First, the client wanted to capture unauthorized long distance usage/abuse on local phone bills and take exception with those vendors. Second, the client wanted to address late payment fees exceeding $3,000 per month.

Since the client’s allocation methodology was fairly simple, ISG was able to quickly automate the process. By itemizing local phone bills to indicate all third party vendor services, ISG was able to track and short pay unauthorized usage charges. Next, ISG helped the client to establish cost avoidance measures and implement on-going management controls. The client is now able to take advantage of electronic billing media, respond to ad hoc queries and proactively manage and control its environment. The number of monthly vendor invoices was reduced and ISG began processing invoices for payment electronically utilizing EDI. Automating the invoice receipt and payment processes resulted in the total elimination of late payment fees. The audit results yielded another 8% in annual ongoing savings in addition to historical refunds in excess of $97,000.
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